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Enersize is extending its services to cover motorised industrial production



It is possible to save more than 20% on industrial electricity consumption with a new technology solution

Enersize Ltd has extended its services that improve the energy efficiency of compressed air solutions to cover all motorised production processes. Enersize promises that its complete solutions will reduce plant energy consumption in motorised production processes by 30%. With this major product development achievement, it is possible to reach energy savings of 70% for all production processes.

Enersize’s extended service offering is the result of work on compressed air measurements and analyses carried out in the organisation and long-term product development carried out simultaneously with its current operations.  Enersize does not see any impediments to its fast growth. The annual energy savings for each company are always in the range of millions of euro. With Enersize’s solutions, it is possible to reduce total global energy needs by 10%.

”In China, especially the energy wastage percentages of old industrial plants are high. Although China is our main market area, action is also required from all sectors of industrial production in Europe in order to take ecology and energy efficiency into consideration,” says Tuomas Rouhikko, Managing Director of Enersize.

Enersize’s services are used globally to reduce energy leakage points as well as the negative environmental impact of industrial production.  Enersize has customers in the chemical industry, the process and metal industry, and energy production. The value of the global Cleantech market is EUR 1.4 trillion. With the extension, Enersize's growth objectives for 2014 rose from EUR 17 million to EUR 70 million.

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