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Resulting from the merger of three Nordic companies, Enersize specializes in industrial compressed air, carrying the heritage and experience of more than 7 000 customer projects. We develop and deliver smart software, tools and services to enable energy optimisation of industrial compressed air. The industry expertise of our people and solutions, together with a commitment to become the global leader in compressed air efficiency software, has made Enersize a recognised supplier to customers around the world. 

The company is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm First North Growth Market under the ticker: ENERS.


Enersize's vision is to become the leading company in analysis and monitoring software for efficiency and energy saving of industrial compressed air systems and thereby contributing to a more sustainable society.


Enersize mission is to become the global leader in compressed air efficiency software.

Value proposition

Industrial compressed air systems account for just over 4.5 percent of global electricity consumption. Enersize's technology enables energy savings of around 20-30 percent. 

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