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The cheapest way to reduce your carbon footprint

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The 3-step process towards energy excellence

The cheapest and fastest way to reduce the carbon footprint of your industrial compressed air system is to reduce leakage. Start with an audit of your system today. 

  • 1. Xray

    Get instant insights into the savings potential and get a detailed action plan. 



  • 2. Xecute

    Detect & address leakage to gain energy savingsand reduced carbon footprint.



  • 3. Xcel

    Institute sustainable energy optimization of the compressed air system. 




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Q+Xray performs a system analysis to optimize the compressed air system. The analysis includes leakage detection, an action plan, and savings potential. 

We provide all the tools needed to measure power, pressure, and dew point under different operating conditions, as well as a calculated flow and estimated leak load. 

This means that you can establish current energy performance levels and costs of the compressed air system and compare the results with the facility’s present production levels.

Our software combined with mobile loggers provides comprehensive support for you to capture all data in the process.

Leakage reduction


We developed Q+LEAQS to support every single stage of a leakage detection survey of a facility and its subsequent repair project. 

The information from the XRAY survey about the number of leakages, volume, cost, CO2 emissions, compressors, exact location, type of media, is readily available.

Moreover, when doing leakage repairs the software includes reports and visualisation tools helping to document the leakage levels, potential savings, and final results.

It saves time for your team and saves money in reduced leakage as well as it saves carbon emission and energy.

Working with Q-leaqs adds historical data, effective repair, correct documentation, reports and aligns with your ISO50001 or other EMS. 

Monitoring IoT as-a-Service


Enersize monitoring tools drive compressed air optimization and enable predictive maintenance. 

With continuous monitoring, you get the data to ensure that the compressed air system operates at peak efficiency. We provide all the tools and sensors required and the data supports real-time analysis of your compressed air system.

We also offer add-ons for Zone-based monitoring, providing a more granular view, and enterprise solutions supporting multiple sites. 

Of course our system is open to any sensors and can also give you support on other parts of your company. We provide an open compatible system both for monitoring and control.




The journey starts with an Xray to measure, analyze and report on savings and proposed actions. The pre-study is a one-time investment with a swift return on investment. Please provide data and we will revert with a quote. 

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